“Acute Diarrhea”, a disease that should be careful in the rainy season

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Acute Diarrhea”, a disease that should be careful in the rainy season

There is a risk group for children and the elderly. And those with congenital disease such as heart disease, kidney disease, may have severe dehydration. causes the body to lose water and essential minerals If the patient has a high fever, vomiting a lot, loose stools, and a rapid pulse. should see a doctor immediately If delayed, it can lead to kidney failure or death. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

acute diarrhea risk of outbreak in rainy season

Dr. Narong Apikulvanich, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Services and Spokesperson of the Department of Medical Services, said that during the rainy season, there is a lot of humidity in the air, pathogens grow and infect well, causing food and drinking water to increase the chances of contamination causing disease. of the digestive system easily especially. 

It can cause by both bacteria and viruses. Caused by infection through food or water that has been contaminated. Eating raw food or food that has been infested with flies can cause infection.

Symptoms of acute diarrhea

  1. Passing loose stools more than 3 times a day, or having watery stools once a day, or passing bloody stools once a day
  2. Fever, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting may occur.

Caring for patients with acute diarrhea

In the case of children, eat liquid foods often. For the general age, including the elderly, eat normally. But it should be soft and easy to digest. Importantly, the patient should drink water to dissolve the mineral salt powder to prevent dehydration. Shouldn’t take medicine to stop defecation. Because it will cause germs to remain in the body. which will be more dangerous

Danger of Complications

Dr. Somkiat Lalitwongsa, Director of Rajavithi Hospital, said that  There will be complications in children and the elderly, especially the elderly with congenital diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, may have severe dehydration. Causing the body to lose both water and essential minerals Including abnormalities in the electrolyte balance in the blood, cold sweats. Cold hands and feet. These complications can be treated symptomatically or with intravenous fluids. together with giving the appropriate amount of mineral salts to replace the lost body parts and if a patient is found with a high fever, a lot of vomiting, and a lot of loose stools, they should see a doctor immediately. If delayed, it can lead to kidney failure or death.

How to prevent acute diarrhea

  1. Always wash your hands with soap and clean water before cooking or eating. and after going to the toilet
  2. Drink clean water such as boiled water and bottled water. 
  3. Choose to eat clean, freshly cooked food. 
  4. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables Should be cleaned with clean water several times. 
  5. Sewage disposal solid waste to avoid breeding grounds for flies
  6. Do not eat raw food to avoid acute diarrhea.