Former Manchester United CEO, Chelsea set to bid for Everton stake

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Former Manchester United CEO, Chelsea set to bid for Everton stake

Former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon has become a key player in the group’s proposed purchase of Everton. According to the UFABET.

Everton, with Fahad Moshiri as the club’s major shareholder. Have link with further investment options. One of which is the sale of some of their own shares. to find a budget to build a new stadium for the team. which has already begun to build Valued at up to £500million, the stadium will be located near the Bramley Moore Dogs, while Moshiri, who took over Everton in 2016, owns 94.1% of the club. There is no mention of the amount of % in their own share.

The last six years of holding shares in Everton. Moshiri has invested hundreds of millions of pounds. both team manager and many new players but was unable to perform satisfactory results. especially in the past season Which must win the relegation until the last game of the season Meanwhile, further financial problems arise from the withdrawal of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov’s USM company. from the case of British sanctions on Russia And that cost them a lot of their income. One of them is the naming rights of the new Everton stadium. Available for £1million a year. With plans to open for the 2024-2025 season.

The Everton It has been revealed that in the last three seasons They owe £372m in debt, almost 50 per cent of which was due during the coronavirus pandemic, while Kenyon is expected to have joint ventures with Masek Kaminski and John Thor. Thornton, two businessmen who have businesses in America. Prepare to raise funds, submit an offer to buy shares of Everton