I feel like I’m going to get sick. “Taking trap pills” doesn’t help.

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new understanding! I feel like I’m going to get sick. “Taking trap pills” doesn’t help.

Many people probably have heard or experienced it themselves. If any day we get wet in the rain Elders in the house always remind us. That “I’m not feeling well. Let’s go to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com take a trap first.” but when we are not sick Or maybe not sick. Can we really take medicine to trap fever?

“Taking fever traps” is a belief that almost every home old people believe in. This belief has been passed down to the next generation. Because they had been hit by the same thing. Whenever we start to feel sick or in a situation where there is a risk of being sick Adults are often encouraged to take medicine to trap the fever first. so as not to get sick

Don’t act like a drug is not a snack.

Known as “medicine”, it means something. That is use to cure disease, prevent disease, or nourish the body. But most of the time, we tend to take medicine to treat an illness or cure a disease. It means that medicine is not candy. or rice that we can continue to eat as we wish if we are not sick not a disease We should not take medicine. Because each drug would not know what to treat and where. And most importantly, every drug has side effects. Will be more or less depending on the effect of the drug, the type of drug. The amount of the drug and the body of each person From. What we intended to take medicine to trap the flu We may suffer from a chronic disease. That cannot be cured at all.

Therefore, taking medicine to trap fever cannot prevent the body from getting sick Because this type of drug has properties not preventing disease or nourishing the body. If our body’s immunity is low Or really weak, we can get sick anyway. It also increases the risk of deteriorating the health of the body from overuse of drugs. overdose

Popular drugs that people often take to trap fever

The most popular drug. That we are often given to take to trap the sick. All the common household medicines. That are attache to every house Most often, it is inevitable. “Paracetamol” or histamine, which is “antihistamine”. When it is a drug that can be bought online and has a home, many people understand that it is not dangerous. So I didn’t think that if taking a lot of medicine, no matter what medicine it was, it would be dangerous as well.

when we take the medicine drug work process. The drug dissolves and is absorbed by various organs before it enters the bloodstream. Then transported to the affected area according to the properties that the drug was designed for. Some of which will be transported to the liver. An organ that is responsible for eliminating foreign matter that enters the body.

When we take a lot of drugs despite not being sick. 

The chemicals in these drugs make your liver work harder. because it has to filter out a lot of foreign matter, the more the liver works harder It started to deteriorate and deteriorate until it could not function fully. At the very end, it could be life-threatening.

Paracetamol  is the most common medication we take when we feel sick. Because when we have a fever or a cold, there will be a headache and a hot body, which the properties of paracetamol will reduce fever and relieve pain, becoming a misconception that if you do not want to have a headache or fever Then take the paracetamol trap.

Did you know that 500 mg of paracetamol, if we take more than 8 tablets per day (usually adults take 2 tablets per meal) for 5-7 days in a row, will definitely affect our liver? as the warning posted on the back of the drug label. The liver will work hard because it has to take in large amounts of chemicals from the drug. When accumulating too much liver cells are destroyed or have hepatitis It can cause liver failure. There are also minor symptoms, but they shouldn’t. such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness