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Osimhen asks for holiday before deciding on future

Osimhen asks for holiday. Before deciding on future after news Arsenal – Manchester United Napoli forward Victor Osimhen has revealed. He will make a decision about his future during the summer transfer window. Premier League side Arsenal have reportedly made an offer for him. According to the UFABET. Italian media claim

De Jong reveals his feelings after being in the news

De Jong reveals his feelings. After being in the news for Manchester United Barcelona midfielder Frankie de Jong has reveal. His feelings after his name was targete in the reinforcements of Barcelona. Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League football in the transfer market this summer, Report from UFABET the Red

Premier League issues clear rules for postponement

Premier League issues clear rules for postponement due to Covid-19 / injured players for next season The Premier League has held a meeting for preparations for next season. Regarding the issue of postponement of games in the Premier League due to the spread of COVID-19 within the team,

Schedule Manchester City the Premier League 2022/23

Schedule All Manchester City fixtures in the Premier League 2022/23 Man City Football Club pulls the curtain open English Premier League football season 2022/23 with a duel with West Ham United at London Stadium (7 August) UFABET. Manchester City’s third Premier League title in four years is secure. At

Summary of the latest Liverpool transfer market news

Summary of the latest Liverpool transfer market news. Today June 16: Progress on the deal for Calvin Ramsey, right-back, young star. summary of all issues Player trading news. The importance of football circles around. The day of Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League Aberdeen accepts Calvin Ramsey deal