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“Is This the Worst – or Best – Interior” Boat Owner Responds


In January, we posted a video of the highly decorated interior of a sailboat and asked our readers to share their opinion of the design. Personally, it was not to our taste, and most of our readers agreed. The article was one of our most popular, with over 1200 views.

Well, the owner of the boat sent us an email, defending his prized possession:

Hello. While recently looking at the stats on my video of my sailboat that was posted to show friends etc., I noticed a link of it was embedded in your website. I have been sailing Oceanaire for three years now with my partner. We have logged over 10,000 miles with her, and found it disappointing that your and yours have found it necessary to beat us up just because we have a sailboat with an interior of the great sailing ships, safe, beautiful and classic. The fact that weekend sailors can’t grasp the fact that some can and do live in style aboard a sailboat doesn’t negate the fact that we are indeed sailors, probably sailing more miles in one year than most of those posting do in 10. Please advise your following that living aboard and sailing to far off and wonderful anchorages and islands doesn’t mean it has to be “camping” style. Our yacht sails wonderfully, and tell your wife that if you are really a good sailor, you don’t have things flying around in storms. As a matter of fact, Jimmy Cornell, an expert that has 5 circumnavigations under his belt, has NEVER been in a storm due to patience and proper weather forecasting.

Look – one of the things that makes sailing interesting is the million different ways in which it can be done and the million different ways people think it should be done. I lived and cruised in a 29 foot boat that had four 85 watt solar panels attached to the sides because I didn’t want to ever worry about power. Some people probably thought the boat looked weird. If the owners of Oceanaire love their boat and its interior, that’s what matters. Who cares what we think?

Here’s the video again:

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Is This The Worst – or The Best – Interior Video of a Sailboat Ever?

Let’s have a contest. Do you think this is the worst or the best interior of the boat ever? Vote in the comments section. Personally, I give it a big thumbs *down*… Extra credit if you can make it through more than about 5 minutes of the video…

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Going, going, going, gone


Is this the type of durability we’ll have to expect from the America’s Cup? Awesome video of the C-class cat as its crew member falls through the wing, ending the U.S. chance at winning the so-called “Little America’s Cup.” More here and video is here. Read More »

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