NASailor Update


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Since our launch 18 months ago, we’ve had some fantastic support from this community and made great strides in growing the site to tens of thousands of visitors per month. Some of our best content – boat reviews, the best boat series, and more – generate tremendous interest even today.

But life moves forward; our new family and the rise of other professional opportunities are taking up more and more time. So, effective this week, we will no longer be regularly updating this site. We will still occasionally place new content here, but it will be more of a blog-style format, and will be done only when time permits.

Thanks for your support throughout this process. We’ll see you out on the water!

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  1. Sorry to hear that. You have a terrific site but I understand the commitment this must have taken.

    I hope you keep it up even if less frequently

  2. Will miss visiting your website on my lunch hour. I’ll still check in periodically.